An event like the Azores Challenge BTT, would not be possible without the precious collaboration of all those who are part of the staff. Their help makes possible the execution of the program and allows the participants to enjoy everything that the competition as to offer. Therefore, the volunteers are truly an important part of the organizational team and the key for the success of the event.
If you can’t participate as an athlete, you may give your contribution and participate in this memorable adventure as a volunteer.
As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to experience the competition from a different perspective, know all the details and the specific needs of the athletes as well as the satisfaction levels of all the participants, ie, know what really happens in the backstage, fraternize with athletes and all the staff. Let’s just say that it will be a unique opportunity to participate from within in this great party.
You can even be an athlete’s companion who will follow him during the entire competition.
You may also help in the provision stations, be part of the passage control teams or only be part of the security teams along the route.
As you see, we have many situations where you can be an important aid.

If you want to be part of this unique experience fill out the form below and we will contact you very soon.