1 – Definition

The Azores Challenge MTB is a test of adventure by mountain bike, open to anyone over 17 years old (at the beginning time of the event), either sex, or nationality. Disputed by a prologue and two stages in a route that runs through some of the most beautiful trails of São Miguel Island, taking advantage of the natural beauty to develop the fighting spirit and adventurous athletes.
Competitors compete in 2-element teams, have a mandatory course to fulfill without using or being helped by any motorized means of transportation.
The ACMTB consists of a night prologue and 2 stages with a total length of about 160 km that begins on September 28, 2018 and ends on September 30, 2018 in the city of Ponta Delgada.
The Organization of this proof is on the PRSpinning Association, which is responsible for designing, design, promotion and organization of the event.

2 – Registration

Entries in the Azores CHALLENGE MTB 2018 are limited to 300 teams.
Entries will be phased, 1st phase will open in February 2014 with the online placement on the official website of the proof of the registration form, and ends at the time that the first 100 validated teams are confirmed. 2nd phase of registration will open at 00:00 of March 15, 2018 and will end´s when first 200 validated teams are confirmed. 3rd and final phase of registration will open May 1, 2018 and end´s on July 30, 2018 or so when 300 valid teams are confirmed.
After enrolling participants have a period of three days to settle the full payment of registration. If payment is made by bank transfer, the proof should be scanned by email and sent to prspinning@sapo.pt
There are two types of registration for the Azores MTB CHALLENGE:
- Registration Premium which includes participation in the race, supplies, recovery drinks at the end of the stage, accommodation between 28 and 30 September 2018 (or similar) with breakfast included. This package will cost 265€ per participant in the 1st phase of registrations, 280€ per participant in the 2nd phase and 295€ in 3rd phase of registrations.
- Light Registration includes participation in the race, supplies, recovery drinks at the end of stage (not including accommodation). 115€ per participant.
It is possible to change data in a team after registration, however is only possible until registration, and on payment of an additional fee of 20€.
A registration will only be considered confirmed after validated by the organizer, which reserves the right to refuse any registration. In case of a registration be rejected, Organization undertakes to inform the team in question within one week, by reimbursing the 100% payment however made by this team. This decision is irrevocable and requires no justification by the organizer.

3 – Participation

In the Azores CHALLENGE MTB there are no echelons, THERE ARE CLASSES, and all teams compete in a single category.
Participation requirements:
Have completed (at least) 17 years old, at the beginning of the race.
Fitness and health conditions in each participant shall be his own responsibility. You must be aware and the knowledge that this is evidence of endurance which is necessary for good health and fitness as well as adequate preparation for the physical effort required implicitly.
Is not allowed the participation of people suspected of using illegal substances.
Bike - You must have a mountain bike (without any kind of engine) to participate in this competition.
GPS device
GPS - Since this is a proof guided by GPS, this becomes a binding device throughout the race. As such it is necessary that the equipment has uploaded tracks and spare batteries. In case of a model with internal battery, it should be guaranteed by the participant to its total load. The tracks of the stages will be previously provided by organization. GPS should not have any important data stored, being advised that they have no other loaded tracks. Participant will be responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of equipment throughout the race, on penalty of being penalized.
Helmet - the use of helmet compatible with the activity pursued when the competitor moves otherwise than on foot, is mandatory. Failure to observe this rule will be penalized with the suspension of the team from race.
Mobile - is mandatory the use of active mobile phone during the phase. This should be the number provided to registration, to contact in case of emergency. It should be ensured that the participant battery lasts throughout the extension of proof. The number should not be hidden. If any irregularity is detected the respective penalty will apply.
It is mandatory the placement of proof number plate clearly visible in front of the competitor and in the sense that it moves on the ground. A competitor who reports a Pass Control without this card the team will be automatically disqualified. 
Any changes in the size of plates with the number of proof, will have to be authorized by the Organization. These plates also behave advertising to the main sponsors of the event and in any case this space can be used for other purposes. Failure to comply with this rule may incur penalties.
The use of graphics or other forms of visual expression considered obscene in any part of the physical presentation of the competitors and / or their equipment, shall be punished with suspension from proof.
The elements staff are properly identified with clothing and / or identification cards.

4 – Bonus System

To balance the capabilities of all evidence in teams regardless of their gender or age introduced a bonus scheme that down time percentages to be calculated over the time stipulated by Organization for each stage. From these calculations are obtained time intervals for each team and each stage, who subtracted to departure time of each stage, represent time departure of each team. Namely, they will leave before starting OFFICIAL TIME (time of departure of the participants without "bonus").
The time spent on proof is calculated for all teams the same way, in other words, from OFFICIAL TIME departure to arrival time of each team.
Participants covered by this bonus system (sex and / or age):
Sistem Bonus
Female participants 15%
Between 40 and 45 years old 3%
Between 46 and 50 years old 6%
Between 51 and 55 years old 9%
Between 56 and 60 years old 12%
Between 61 and 65 years old 15%
From 66 years old 20%

5 – Trail

The trail of the Azores MTB CHALLENGE got its start in Ponta Delgada city, stepping through the coast and into the tracks and byways through our natural wonders, returning to the city center to complete the stage.
The proof course uses public roads either on road or off road, through villages, towns and villages. The same will not be closed for the proof, so competitors must take into account that there may be cars, people and animals back and forth on race route.
The race route crosses some roads, and in some places there will be no staff element, so it requests the utmost care from participants.
Crossings will be identified on the ground by Organization with a sign, placed before the intersection. In those which are considered dangerous there will always be elements of Staff  to control the passage of the teams.
It is mandatory to comply with the race route being provided  penalties for cases where errors were detected in fulfilling the official race course .We consider the race course a fictional band 100 meters wide with the path or trail to go as the center line. Each foul will be penalized for about 30 minutes per kilometer on each route failed. In calculating these penalizations any fraction of kilometer shall be considered a kilometer in full. Any team can leave the race route whenever you want, not suffering any penalization whenever re-enter the same point as left.
The race course is not marked on the ground, it will be only signaled intersections and danger zones. Before the proof begins, organization will make available on their official website the track of the proof, teams will load it on their GPS's.
Contestants are solely responsible for the proper functioning of its GPS and the preservation of data loaded on it.
For questions or problems with uploading track for GPS we recommend teams to entry in contact with organization, before the Proof starts.

6 – Departures

Daily departures for each team enjoying bonus by bonus system are always made at  time predicted in the race book that will also be made available on the site.
The Official Departure Time (to all athletes without bonuses) is the one set out in the general program of the event.
The Prologue will start at 20h00 on 28 September. 2 teams leave simultaneously from minute to minute.
The starting control will close 15 minutes after the official starting time. Teams will not be penalized if they start after departure time, but must always leave at the point control lock.
A team that presents with the already closed Control will not have his proof in stage valued, so it is not considered this stage for the team.
The official match time is the GPS time to the time zone of Western Europe (London, Lisbon).

7 – Passage Controls (CP)

The Organization will mount along the Passage Controls route that will not be identified and that will serve to control the passage of the teams. Failure to pass a CP involves the penalty or disqualification of the team. These CPs may or may not be controlled by the Organization elements. Some Passage Controls will have a closing time.
All teams arriving at a passage control (CP) after its closing time are forced to leave the stage and will be transported to the end by the Organization or will receive directions on how to reach the end of safely step.
CPs closing time, will be communicated to all teams in the week of the event through the race book.
Unless stated the Organization, competitors are not obliged to stop the CPs.
External assistance
Assistance external to the Organization is only possible in overlapping areas with the supply areas secured by the organization, documented in the test guide.
Such assistance may be mechanical, logistical or alimentation, only with the function of providing extra support to the participant.
Outside of these areas is not allowed any help to the participant, on pain of penalization or disqualification. Unable to change bike during a step.
Supply zones
During the route, exists supply zones (Feed Zone's) which have solid and liquid food available.
Here participants can rest, feed themselves, hydrate themselves and repair any mechanical problem.
The organization does not ensure transport of athletes supplies to these locations.

8 – Arrivals

The location of each arrival will be identified in the track GPS and maps that will be provided to the teams. The time control will be done to the hundredth of a second.
A team finishes the stage and the time registering is done, when the 2nd element crosses the finish line, which will be physically identified with a line on the ground and a structure with the word FINISH LINE. The time is taken based on the rear wheel of the 2nd team member to cross the finish line.
The time Arrival Control closing will subsequently informed on race book.
If a team is not classified in any stage, it will be assigned the maximum time allowed for the step. On the General Classification will appear after all the teams without grading.
All teams have to deliver the GPS after crossing line, so that Organization can, according to them, control the journey made by the teams in their stage and check whether there is any inaccuracy or failure to follow the route of the stage.
In the Azores CHALLENGE MTB, GPS is the Keystone of participation of each team in the competition and it must ensure that the GPS is always present and recording the entire journey made.
If a team refuses to deliver your GPS on arrival or it does not contain the record of the journey, the step cannot be validated and will be assigned the maximum time allotted for the completion of this stage
Along the line of arrival of each stage, the organization mount a rehydration and recovery support structure which includes the provision of food supplement.

9 – Proof Dropout

If for any reason a team decides to halt the proof, this must immediately be informed to Organization. This can be done at any checkpoint or from telephone directly to the Director or to Proof Coordinator.
A card with all important phone numbers will be delivered to the teams before the start Proof and this should always be in the possession of competitors during the race.
Any abandon, not communicated to the Organization may unleash a search and rescue operation that obviously incurs costs for the Organization. These costs, if any, will be charged to the team who neglected to inform his abandon.

10 – Technical Support

At the end of each test day the Organization will provide technical assistance to bicycles competitors who hire these services on site. All parts or accessories that may be used for repair, are charged to their athletes included the legal VAT rate prevailing.

11 – Accommodation

The Inscription on the Azores CHALLENGE MTB can be done with or without accommodation. The application package with accommodation included it will be at Hotel**** VIP Executive in Ponta Delgada. This will also be the central basis of proof where are all services except departures and arrivals.
Accommodation will be in double room shared by the team registered and includes breakfast.

12 – Compulsive Abandonment

Proof Director based on his own judgment has powers to disqualify or not allow to remain in the competition the teams that at some point one or both athletes presents with any of the following cases:
- Physical or mental health problems.
- Abuse or premeditated violation of this Proof of Regulation.
- Unsportsmanlike conduct
- Excessive intake of alcohol.
- The part in the competition under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs.
- Abusive disregard for existing laws, religions and customs
- Abusive disregard for the environment (including garbage purposely lying on the ground)
- Abusive disregard for traffic rules.

13 – Ratings

The ACMTB will be won by the team that add as little time at the end of the prologue and from the two stages.
There will be a general classification as well as the Men's Doubles Classes, Women and Mixed, will still be highlighted the best dual Azorean.
Daily will be published two classifications, one concerning the classification in the day's stage and another on the general classification so far. Timing will be in charge of the brand Cronosport.pt
At the end of each stage will be delivered sweatshirts Leader to winners of Classes.
Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles, Mixed Doubles and Best dual Azorean.

14 – Awards

1, 2 and 3 to General.
1st Men's team.
1st Women's team
1st Mixed team
1st Azorean team to General.
All teams entered in the ACMTB will receive:
- Race book
- The tracks GPS path.
- 2 Supplies in liquid and solid phases
- Recovery Drinks at the end of the stages
- Jersey official "AZORES MTB CHALLENGE" (optional)
- Liability insurance and personal accident.

Change the routes or proof cancellation As a result of adverse weather conditions, and meet the principle of safeguarding the safety of participants, the organization can apply substantial changes to the structure and size of the routes. These changes go through route changes, deviations by road or adjustment of crossing times, which participants are required to comply on pain of exclusion. In extreme cases the organization may be compelled to postpone the trial to another date or even cancel (only in very extreme cases). A possible postponement may be decided until 72 hours before the supposed start of the race, with immediate statement on the official website of the event. A possible cancellation or postponement of proof will not give right to any compensation / reimbursement by the organization. Image rights The PRSpinning Association reserves the right to use the captured images and other data: ratings, times or interviews during the Azores MTB CHALLENGE for the purpose of promoting its products and events, unless specifically stated contrary. Those who wish to revoke the use of image must submit this request in writing to the Prspinning@sapo.pt email.

15 – Others

Omissions and situations not described in this Regulation shall be reviewed by the organization, which will be sovereign in decisions.
Participants may be asked to provide clarifications regarding on situations arising from complaints.
Doubts about the interpretation of this Regulation should be clarified with the organization.
The organization will not have any responsibility for accidents caused or suffered by the participants during the race, and their consequences, except in the situations provided under the conditions of personal accident insurance policies.
The organization reserves the right to amend this Regulation, without prior notice, if important issues not expressed to the proper functioning of proof are detected. These changes will be communicated on the race website.